Everyone should have a Mimi

In our lives we can find ourselves alone. I know I often do. That isn’t to say that I don’t have friends or family. But sometimes…sometimes you find that special person in your life that makes you a better person.

I used to date a guy named Ryan. When I moved to Texas and took a job with Famous Footwear, he was another store manger in my district. He had a good older friend named John. He also worked for the company and even though he was older, he and Ryan were close. John had a wife named Barb and we would all often go out to dinner. Ryan and I broke up after about five years, as couples do, but instead of stopping being my friend, Barb and John helped me. John and Barb parted ways some time after that. I always joke that I got her in the divorce. Through the years, Barb and I’s relationship shifted slowly. It went from friends, to more of a mother/daughter relationship. She quite a bit older, like 127 I think (lol sorry), and it was a natural shift. She had never had kids of her own and I didn’t have a mother. I became hers… and she became mine.

In fact over the years, she has become so much more to me than just a mother. She decided to move back home to California and I was so sad. She said the only way she’d ever come back is if I had a baby. So I had Pooters. I mean, ask and ye shall receive right? When she flew home that first time from California to Dallas, she saw me all round and pregnant and she started to cry. That is what I needed. Someone just mine to love me. Katie-Anne was her light and her joy. When I got pregnant with Cooper, I waited to tell her until she was flying home from a visit with her family in California and I was picking her up from the airport. I had Katie-Anne run across the baggage claim with the sonogram in her hands. When she realized what it was, she cried again. Just mine.

Today, I was able to get off a little early. I called her and asked if I could come take a nap at her house and have Celina just drop the kids off there. I was so bone tired. She, of course, said yes. I had a sandwich, had a drink, and she turned down her bed and turned on the fan for me. She kept the kids quiet when they got there and I slept for a few hours..safe and comfy in her bed. When I woke, she had dinner ready for me. She takes care of me when I’m at my lowest. She still loves me when I snap at her because I’m tired or sick or stressed. She helps at the drop of a hat. She will come over if I’m working late, need help with the laundry, or just to help clean. She sits with Katie-Anne in the hospital during the days while we work. This weekend she is coming to help go through the house to find stuff for Celina’s yard sale for Pooters. She is always here for me. She loves me for me.

She yells at me for always wearing dark clothes.

She loves to give play by plays of everything she has done at the house when she’s been there. I always laugh because she could rearrange the whole house and I just don’t care, but she wants me to know just in case.

She conservative, very… and I am not lol.

She sneaks the kids candy behind my back and then looks so sheepish when she’s caught, then tries to act like she doesn’t care that she’s been ousted.

My disorganization at my house drives her crazy. She is always trying to find little ways to rearrange my cabinets so they are more neat so my life is easier.

She does the kids clothes for me at her house and then brings them here all on hangers.

She makes my bed every time she is hear. She would never be able to sneak in the house, I’d always know she was here because my bed is made lol.

She has made lunch for me to stop and get on my way to work.

She does so much for me.

I just need her to know how much I love her. You ask how I do what I do…it’s because I have her. Mimi. She is my rock, my friend, my mother. Please take a moment to give her some love, because she deserves it all. She gives me a place to be grumpy tired me, to heal and rest, and most of all to be loved. You need someone like Mimi when cancer happens.

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