And so it begins…

I was going to do this whole big intro to the blog last night when I fell asleep mid brainstorming (thanks Ambien!). When I woke up this morning, I started to think of all the things we had going on today and I decided to just start with that. So here we go.

Today we are moving Mimi’s fridge. She’s getting a new one and we are getting her tiny one and putting it in our garage. There’s a valid reason for an extra fridge in the garage. One, ours is kinda small even though it’s pretty new. We couldn’t get a big mamajama (is that even how it’s spelled?) fridge with the space available. Also, Katie-Anne requires a lot of space for her medicines. Seriously, we have about 22 different medicines in the fridge and more in the cabinets. So Mimi said we could have her old one. Perfect!

We are actually on our way there. We stopped at What-a-Burger to get hash browns and uncut biscuits. Katie-Anne has seriously eaten about 12 hash browns and a biscuit. Before you start on me about it not being healthy, please understand that when your child has cancer, they get whatever they want to eat. Our goal is to keep Pooters over 16kg which is 35.27 pounds. Right now she was 16.60 kg at last appointment which is 36.60 lbs. The hospital does kilograms so I’m totally ready to convert to the metric system anytime now. She has been as low as 32 lbs and that was just a couple of months ago. Our doctor says that we can address nutrition later on, but right now, calories and weight are more important. So what does that mean? Bring on the carbs baby!

After operation #MoveMimi’sFridge, we are going to go see Cars3 with the Jason, Holly, and Gavin. Arron’s brother, sister-in-law, and Katie-Anne’s cousin. Katie-Anne loves Gavin so she totally excited about this adventure. We’ll see if she actually sits through the movie though. She has this thing about movies. She’s totally afraid of them, like running from the room crying afraid. She’s never seen anything scary. I honestly think it was “Finding Nemo” that did it, the shark scene. She did make it through half of “Moana” and “Baby Boss” so we’ll see. We are also going to “tailgate” before the movie. Holly is getting the kids some goodie bags and stuff. Gavin is super excited about Cars3, like…really excited.

Pool party to follow. So I’m super excited about my fat butt getting in the pool in front of Aaron’s super skinny beautiful family and their super preppy beautiful friends…not. The last thing I want to do is rock my size 16 butt in front of everything. Ugh. If I could insert slightly green vomit face here I would. Guess what though? I will because Katie-Anne loves swimming above all other activities. So sorry to the rest of the party lol. Everyone there is perfectly nice but you know how it is when you hate your body.

Then home to clean the house. This is my day off this week so I have a ton of stuff to get done at the house, but I won’t get it all done of course. Sometimes I just feel like I don’t get a true day off ever. I work from 6a-5p five days (sometimes 6) a week and then my days off are filled with chores, activities, and appointments. I have about 1 million loads of laundry to do too. I absolutely hate laundry more than the scum off of satan’s toe nails, providing satan has toe nails and not hooves. Also, if you have children you can sympathize with this one…my kids are tiny tornadoes. Especially Cooper, my two year old. He also has no regard for his safety what-so-ever…like none…zip…zilch. So between him doing dive bombs behind my back on the couch and dumping out his toys everywhere, my house looks like a hot mess with a nice coating of cat hair and golden Oreo cookie crumbs everywhere.

I have a full day ahead of me and I am half excited about it, and half wanting to crawl into a hole somewhere. I am tired…bone tired. I’ll get through though. Hopefully, with minimal sass, snark, and saltiness…but I doubt it.

But hey, that’s just how it is when cancer happens…

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